Famous Journalist, Journalism Work ExperienceFamous Journalist, Journalism Work ExperienceJournalism Work Experience, Famous Journalist James

You can now interview movie, TV and sports stars, get a job at a magazine or newspaper or on a TV or radio show AND create your own glamorous, star studded media career!

How to Become a Celebrity Journalist reveals the top secrets of how to get you mingling with the stars and become a Famous Journalist!

Click here to watch author James Swanwick interview Angelina Jolie, Ben Affleck, William H Macy and Charlize Theron!!!

Famous Journalist, Journalism Work Experience

One Time Investment of $29.95

“This is an unbelievable piece of inside knowledge. I read Become A Celebrity Journalist and three months later was interviewing the Twilight cast including Kirsten Stewart and Robert Pattinson on a red carpet in New York!

“Since then, I’ve interviewed celebrities including Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Ashley Greene, Jeremy Piven, Gisele, Tom Brady, Reggie Bush, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. Amazing!

“Journalism students at colleges spend thousands of dollars in tuition fees and at least a year of courses for what James teaches for $30 and in the time it takes to read his book.”

Brad Blanks, celebrity interviewer, www.bradblanks.com

Now, this is YOUR chance to learn the secrets to interviewing YOUR favorite stars.

Become A Celebrity Journalist includes

  • How to go from high school, college or a mundane job to interviewing, partying and socializing with the world’s biggest celebrities
  • How to get started, despite having no journalism work experience whatsoever
  • How to get journalism work experience
  • How celebrity journalism works – why celebrities speak with journalists, which media gets granted access and why and which does not
  • How to deal with publicists – the celebrity gatekeepers
  • How to prepare for a celebrity interview
  • How to engage a celebrity in an interview
  • How to interview a celebrity on a red carpet
  • How to become a famous journalist
  • The secret to getting a celebrity to tell you personal and intimate details in an interview

Think about this…

Interviewing your favorite celebrities will be glamorous and exciting, give you instant credibility amongst the A-list and provide you with amazing and lifelong stories to tell your insanely jealous friends and family.

One Time Investment of $29.95!!!

I’d like to mention…

In a world of quickly changing media platforms, Become a Celebrity Journalist is completely UP-TO-DATE and relevant for TODAY.

No effort has been spared to teach those wanting a famous journalist career how to do it…from the very first email you send to the actual sit-down interview with a star

Create your own celebrity journalism history like many famous journalists before you.

Think of the most successful celebrity journalists and famous journalists today…

  • Barbara Walters, Ryan Seacrest, Chelsea Handler, Joel McHale, Giuliana Rancic, Andrew Denton, Michael Parkinson, Hamish and Andy, and many more…

Famous Journalist

You may be the next Ryan Seacrest, or the next Barbara Walters or the next MTV VJ!!!!

You can almost see you hosting your own TV or radio show now!!

And do I need to mention…

You do NOT need to go to journalism school and spend three years of your time and THOUSANDS of dollars on tuition


This is real, authentic inside knowledge. This is the best journalism work experience you will find.

If you truly love celebrities and truly want to make it as a celebrity journalist or famous journalist…

This will be the most prized piece of literature in your entire collection.

A gift of the “Become a Celebrity Journalist” E Book is destined to set you on your way to the career you’ve only ever dreamed about

“Every journalism student should read this book if they want to make it in the celebrity world and become a famous journalist,” says former STAR magazine reporter, Evan Matthew

Become a Celebrity Journalist is a great gift for a loved one – whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, an education or career milestone or just an “I love and appreciate you” gift.

Do you want to sit down for an hour-long lunch with Robert Pattinson or Miley Cyrus or Will Smith? Read this book!!!

Journalism Work Experience

This book is SO full of useful information, you will always refer to it.

Tremendous care has been taken with each chapter to outline specific action plans to success.

The secrets revealed by James come from his 7 years in Hollywood and from his inner community of the world’s top celebrity journalists and famous journalists currently scattered throughout the world.

Can you picture the look on your friends’ faces when they see you interviewing Cameron Diaz or Ashton Kutcher or Kate Winslet on TV??!!

  • Can you imagine the thrill your celebrity-obsessed children will get when you present them with this book?
  • The memories that will come flooding back when you look over old interviews with famous people in later years?

Be one of the first 50 to download your Become a Celebrity Journalist E Book NOW and you’ll ALSO receive MORE secret tips from OTHER established journalists — FREE!!!

James Famous Journalist

This is what you’ll get: A pdf of interviews between James and other world-class famous journalist friends on how to become a celebrity journalist. Interviews include:

  • “Don’t wait for a job! Go out there and get it!” – with Shira Lazar
  • “How to be a TV show host and red carpet queen” – with Taryn Southern
  • “The Top 5 Questions You Should Never Ask a Celebrity” – James Swanwick
  • “My Joaquin Phoenix interview – my lowest day as a journalist” – James Swanwick
  • “The Top 5 Ways to Sneak Into a Celebrity-Filled Party” – James Swanwick

This access to the ADDED information is worth a heap in its own right, and it’s yours — AT NO CHARGE!!!

You won’t be left muttering

“Oh, my God, where do I start?!?!”

Don’t worry!
James will teach you where to start.

“James, your book is well constructed, simple to find what I want, straight to the point and very informative. I’ve linked it to my favorites. I especially enjoyed the various pictures of you with celebs. They added to the feel of what you said prior – being a nobody and then turning out to become someone that’s interviewed pretty much all the biggest celebs. I also like your writing style, it’s quick and snappy and straight to the point. For anyone that would be interested in this field, I will definitely continue to recommend it.” DIANA BERQUIST, journalism student at Macleay College, Sydney, Australia

Create the life you’ve always dreamed about!!


Every E Book comes with a Special James Guarantee!!!

If, after reading your Become A Celebrity Journalist E Book, you then refer 5 friends who also purchase the e book, you can have an exclusive 1-1 skype video conversation with James himself!! That’s right! James will give you a special 1-1 lesson and talk to you about you and you only!

Take a look at everything you get…

A book jam-packed with secrets and incredibly useful information from one of Hollywood’s most experienced celebrity journalists.

The book has:

  • Photos of James with celebrities including Jennifer Aniston, Michael Douglas, Wentworth Miller, Hugh Hefner, Jon Bon Jovi, Mary-Kate Olsen, Jamie Fox,
  • Interview techniques for when you are actually sitting down with a celebrity
  • How to make celebrities feel at ease with you
  • Stories of star-studded parties

PLUS… your BONUS extra information from James, if you are amongst the first 50 people to buy the EBook.

AND … When you read Become A Celebrity Journalist and 5 of your friends also buy the E book, you will also receive a 30-minute skype video or phone call chat with James himself — FREE!

James will give you Journalism Work Experience In an EBOOKJAMES SWANWICK is a US-based Australian businessman. He co-founded and owns international media agency, Crocmedia (www.crocmedia.com); is a TV and radio presenter and personality, is author of “Become a Celebrity Journalist” (www.becomeacelebrityjournalist.com), has 17 years journalism and PR experience, and represents Argentine wine in the US.AUTHOR
Swanwick is the author of How to Become a Celebrity Journalist. He has interviewed Hollywood stars including Nicole Kidman, Matthew McConaughey, Russell Crowe, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Anniston, Michael Douglas, Jamie Foxx and Lindsay Lohan and has been read and seen across various international media by millions around the world.

Swanwick co-founded and owns international media agency, Crocmedia (www.crocmedia.com), with offices in Los Angeles, Singapore and Melbourne.

Swanwick is a fill-in anchor for ESPN’s “Sportscenter”, Australia version. Filmed out of ESPN’s global headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut, James can be seen on ESPN at 6.30pm weeknights. He has previously interviewed some of the world’s top movie stars for the Sky Movie Channel in the UK and Fairfax Digital in Australia.

Swanwick has had a long career as a print, TV and radio journalist. He began his career in 1993 as a reporter at The Courier-Mail in Brisbane, Australia where he covered business, finance, politics, industrial relations, police, TV and entertainment and sport. He won the prestigious Queensland Media Award in 1996 for his interview and expose on Pauline Hanson, one of Australia’s most publicized and controversial political figures. Swanwick reported for Sky Sports in London from 1999 to 2003, covering the 1999 Rugby World Cup and Cricket World Cup and several Wimbledon tennis championships and British Opens. He moved to Los Angeles in 2003 as a Hollywood correspondent, writing for leading newspapers and magazines throughout Australia and Britain, and appeared on several TV and radio shows. He has interviewed Hollywood stars including Nicole Kidman, Matthew McConaughey, Russell Crowe, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Anniston, Michael Douglas, Jamie Foxx and Lindsay Lohan and has been read and seen by millions around the world.

This Limited Offer – a FREE 30-minute 1-1 personal skype video or phone call with James himself –
is valued at $500.

James speaks at journalism education courses of 200 participants or more for up to $5000 a session.
This 30-minute 1-1 session with YOU is FREE!

Let me ask you this…

What would you expect to pay?

- Upwards of $300?
- Maybe even $3000 if you’ve seen what they sell on TV over the summer…!

There are dull, thick and useless journalism text books out there apparently
“teaching” budding journalists how to make it in the media
These are usually written by so-called “journalism professors” who have little to no
actual media experience. These “journalism professors” aren’t nearly as
as they’d like you to believe. This is the best journalism work experience you can get.

This Is NOT A Mass-Produced Journalism Text Book.

It’s Authentic – Genuine — And…

Truly Limited!!!

While James has this on the market for a limited time, ,

each E Book is

available for only $29.95!

I think you’ll agree…

This is just a fraction of its true worth.

1 easy payment of $29.95

One Time Investment of $29.95

This is the ONLY chance you have.

Here’s the guarantee again…

If after you’ve read my E book, loved it and are well on your way to a career as a celebrity journalist and famous journalist, and 5 of your friends also purchase the e book, I will give you a FREE 30-minute skype video or phone call chat to help you on your way even further.


James Swanwick

One Time Investment of $29.95

As this is an E Book, there are NO postage and handling fees — no additional charges whatsoever!

Your Become a Celebrity Journalist E Book will truly open your eyes to the wonderful world of celebrity journalism. This is journalism work experience at its best.



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