Tiger Woods Stuck in the Bush? When Celebrities Lie to Journalists

In the wake of the Tiger Woods sex scandal, James talks about when celebrities lie to journalists, just like Tiger did.

So Tiger Woods has been caught lying to his wife, to his mistresses – and to journalists.

Celebrity affairs are obviously nothing new. Think NBA star Kobe Bryant, Wayne Carey…but it’s not always the men caught lying.

I remember an interview with Hollywood starlet Rebecca Romijn for the movie, The Punisher, in Beverly Hills in 2004. At that point, she had been married to Full House star John Stamos for six years. I asked Romijn about the secret of her seemingly happy 6-year-marriage to John Stamos.

She gave me great quotes about how they make their marriage work and how wonderful he is. Two weeks later, after the film had been released and all the press had died down, they announced they were divorcing. After that experience, I start every celebrity interview by assuming the stars are either hiding something or straight-out lying to me.

James Swanwick

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