Brittany Murphy on Life and Death

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Film actress Brittany Murphy was one of the nicest celebrities I ever interviewed.

I interviewed Brittany Murphy for two Hollywood movies – Uptown Girls in 2003 and Sin City in 2005, both taking place at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills.

I remember Brittany Murphy being incredibly nice and sweet and always smiling.

Below is an extract from my 2005 interview with Brittany Murphy in which she talks about helping her mother through breast cancer treatment and living life to the full.

It was particularly moving to hear her talk about being bedside with her mother at cancer centers in Los Angeles, nursing her back to health.

For me personally, my two favorite Brittany Murphy movies are 8 Mile and Just Married, the latter in which she starred alongside former boyfriend Ashton Kutcher.

Gossip sites loved writing about Murphy and she was featured regularly in US tabloids including People magazine, US Weekly, In Touch and Vogue; and regularly presented at MTV award shows.

But her talent was not only as an actress.

She had an aspiring music career, too.

Murphy recently collaborated with DJ Paul Oakenfold on the song, “Faster Kill Pussycat“.

The entertainment world has truly lost a wonderful person.

Extract of Brittany Murphy interview with James Swanwick for Sin City, 2005.

Q: Can you tell us why you still live with your mom? Most girls your age would live on their own?

BM: I really love my mom. If you understood our living situation and the meaning, just the logistics of our house. It’s very and almost like two apartments, so it’s almost like being neighbors in that regard with a communal kitchen. I don’t know how else to describe it. But it’s, I would never not want my mother near by. I am very traditionally properly the only culture, the Spanish culture is that way. I am very family, my whole family is that way. I can’t wait to have a compound where everyone can live or a ranch. Robert Rodriguez has that and it’s so beautiful, some sort of a place, where we can all live. My mom, cousins, grandma and where we can raise the babies. My whole family is that way. My mother is just recovering from chemotherapy fighting off breast cancer last year. It was quite a bad time for me and especially there I wanted to be close to her and at this point in my life. I did not want to leave home. The only film, I did work on is this because it was only three days for this for a whole year. That is the only time I have been taking off, and it was really enlightening and it put the breaks on things in life. My mom didn’t know that I had told my representation not to send me anything unless it was historical fabulous and the only thing they sent me was this and they did send me to an audition for one that I didn’t get for Pride and Prejudice, but I did get the feed back that I had a great British accent.

Q: How did you celebrate mother’s day with her last year?

BM: Last year? I am so sorry, but I don’t remember. It was a very difficult, we were in and out of hospitals a lot and when my mother is in the hospital I sleep there too. So I get a cart and I sleep there. I spent properly more time in hospitals than I have spent in nightclubs. That’s for sure or on film sets.

Q: What did this experience mean or do to you?

BM: I see the strength and the inspiration from all of this. And in my loved ones and in my mother and my faith becomes stronger every day as I become older. It makes you a fuller and more complete person. As far as work is concerned it makes you want to cut out all of the BS involving anything regarding work situations, because that is a wake up call on a half. You just say screw it, forget about it. Why waste your time. Life is too short there is no point in wasting time in life. It makes absolutely no sense, so hopefully I will never forget that. I don’t believe I will.

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