The Top 5 Things You Should Always Tell a Celebrity

Have you ever heard the phrase, “You can catch more flies with honey than from vinegar”? Well, you can get much better quotes from celebrities with praise and sucking up, than from criticism. When interviewing movie stars or music stars, never criticize their performances. Always praise them. Or if you really thought their performances were bad, don’t say anything. But here are the top 5 things you should tell a celebrity in order to guarantee a good interview…

1. Wow, you look amazing
– Who doesn’t like being complemented? Say this right at the start of an interview, and you’ll set a great positive tone for the next 20 minutes. Tell a male actor he looks like he’s been working out. Tell a female actor, you love her hairstyle. Yes, you’re sucking up to them. But if you can build rapport with them right away, you’ll get a great interview.

2. Congratulations on your amazing performance in this movie. You were incredible – Many actors are extremely self-conscious and often worry about how they are perceived by the public and their peers. If you thought they were great in a role, tell them. If you thought you they were awful in a role, tell them you thought they were great. They’ll love you for it.

3. How does it feel to be at the top of your career? – Celebrate their success and they’ll give you great quotes. If they’re killing it professionally, tell them they are. Pump them up. Tell them, “I love your work!” Tell them anything to get them on your side.

4. You are so beautiful. What do you do to stay so young looking? – OK, OK. So you’re sucking up to them, now. But they love it! I told Bruce Willis at the Cannes Film Festival that he looked amazing for a 40-something man and he was beaming throughout the entire interview. I told Jessica Alba she looked hot when I interviewed her for Into the Blue and she smiled the whole interview.

5. “I met you when…” Tell them when you interviewed them last so they remember you and know you are a real journalist. They know they’re dealing with an experienced journalist who has been around a while. It will make the rapport even better.

Is there anything I missed?
If you have some other questions journalists should tell celebrities, I’d love to hear from you.
Send me your questions and why they should be told in the comment box below…

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