The Top 5 Ways to Sneak Into a Celebrity-Filled Party

Signs for the Golden Globe Awards.
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Hollywood certainly has great celebrity-filled parties. There are the Oscars and Golden Globes after-parties, film premieres, MTV Video Awards, Grammy’s, restaurant openings, charity parties – celebrities are crawling all over these events every week. But how do you get in if you’re not a celebrity, not a journalist, not an invited guest? Here are the top 5 ways, proven by me and countless friends over the past 7 years….

1. Know the doorman or bouncer or publicist working that night – This may take you some time but it’s definitely worth the effort. Find out who the top party publicists are or the bouncer at the hottest club or the doorman at the hottest parties and find a way to befriend them over time. A solid relationship here should guarantee you access to parties you really have no right being at.

2. Re-use party wristbands – Entrance to celebrity parties is usually granted if you have a party wristband. If you know someone attending the party, convince them to convince another party-goer to temporarily give up their wrist band. Your friend will then get a pass-out, meet you secretly outside the event away from prying eyes and give you this wristband. If it’s been ripped, tie it to your watch in a way that it doesn’t appear ripped, then show it to the bouncer at the party entrance and walk right in. Repeat the process if you have other friends outside wanting to get in. Make sure you return the wristband to its rightful owner. Then party!

3. Wait for a celebrity posse to enter and get in the middle of the group and act like you belong – Celebrities always turn up with an entourage. So wait for them to arrive, then try to sneak your way in between them. As they all push and shove their way in past the doormen, just keep on walking like you belong and hope nobody in the entourage recognizes you. This doesn’t have a high success rate but trust me when I say it does work on occasion. Friends and I have done it ourselves many times.

4. Wear a phone ear piece and carry a clip board – Look official and you may con the bouncer. The game will be up if officials have to wear a party-specific badge around their neck. But if not, a phone ear piece and a fake party-list on a clip board may just do the trick.

5. Get there early and hide in the bathroom – Two of my friends arrived 2 hours before the start of the Maxim Party in Detroit for Super Bowl weekend a few years ago. They hid in the bathroom stall before nonchalantly joining party-goers when the event officially started. Follow their lead and be the first ones at the event before the nasty list checkers get there. While hiding in the bathroom is no fun, it’s short-term pain for long-term gain.

What do you think of the above list?
Do you have other proven ways to get into celebrity parties when not invited?
If so, I’d love to hear them.
Send me your comments below….

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